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About Artist:

Lam Yan Yan graduated from the Department of Early Childhood Education. She is a painter, a film art director, and a glass artist. Art is an essential part of her life.

"The world is too desolate, we need a little love." She is an optimistic pessimist, hoping to capture the small joys in life with her brush and remind others as well as herself that although the world may be cold, human hearts don't have to be.

She primarily works with oil painting as her medium. She enjoys depicting the serene beauty of mountains and water. However, in the face of the vast world, humans seem insignificant, and life is filled with endless troubles and hardships. The challenges in life are like continuous levels, never-ending until the final day. She likes to incorporate elements of flowers into her artwork. In her heart, flowers represent the radiance of humanity, innocence, and goodness. Whether flowers play a leading or supporting role in her paintings, they can bring a touch of warmth and allow you to see a glimmer of hope in adversity. Because only love can make us brave and move forward.








在2022-23年期間分別在Kubrick 、 ACO及Parallel Space 舉行個人及聯合畫展,

Past about Painting :

2.2021 :  A painting solo exhibition at PMQ central:

                 Theme: The world is beautiful, shall we....  

3.2021 : A painting group online exhibition at The holy art Gallery (London)

                Theme: Perona

5.2021 : An interview on Boomer Gallery (London) Magazine : The new artist

6.2021 : A painting group exhibition at Silvermine Arts Center

                (New Canaan, USA)

                Theme: PAINT 2021

7.2021 : An interview on JET Magazine

8.2022 :A painting group exhibition at Parallel Space : NOWHERE LAND

9.2022 :A painting solo exhibition at WURE AREA

                Theme: Dazzling Season

​3.2023 :A painting solo exhibition at Kubrick YMT

7.2023 :  A painting solo exhibition at Art and Culture Outreach

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