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About Artist:

Yanyan Lam is graduated from the Department of Early Childhood Education, now she is a film art assistant and painter. Her multiple identities and the variability of her Gemini personality create a contradictory character. She believes that there is no absolute answer in the world, and that we should cultivate inner peace to make things simpler in the complex world.


She loves painting and uses colors as a language, expressing herself in a free-spirited style through picture books, telling stories that cannot be expressed by words. She hopes that her paintings will help people rediscover their true selves and rekindle their love for life.






Past about Painting :

2.2021 :  A painting solo exhibition at PMQ central:

                 Theme: The world is beautiful, shall we....  

3.2021 : A painting group online exhibition at The holy art Gallery (London)

                Theme: Perona

5.2021 : An interview on Boomer Gallery (London) Magazine : The new artist

6.2021 : A painting group exhibition at Silvermine Arts Center

                (New Canaan, USA)

                Theme: PAINT 2021

7.2021 : An interview on JET Magazine

8.2022 :A painting group exhibition at Parallel Space : NOWHERE LAND

9.2022 :A painting solo exhibition at WURE AREA

                Theme: Dazzling Season

​3.2022 :A painting solo exhibition at Kubrick YMT(coming)

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