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Lam Yan Yan is an artist in Hong Kong.

She emotive, contemplative works are inspired by the life of calm moments.

Based on what she saw and felt at the moment when the picture was taken, she creates artwork by adding imaginative figures and stories to convey her thoughts and feelings.

Predominantly focused on natural landscapes, her works portray her constant effort to find the calmness and happiness from a hectic lifestyle.

She paints happy or often melancholic moments in various styles.


She loves to imitate the natural textures such as shaky lines, smudges of graphite, rough strokes of a paintbrush. These textures make the artwork come alive, allowing the viewers to interact, relate to the stories in the painting.

Past :

6.2020 :  A painting solo exhibition at K11

2.2021 :  A painting solo exhibition at PMQ central:

                 Theme:The world is beautiful, shall we....  

3.2021 : A painting group online exhibition at The holy art Gallery (London)

                Theme: Perona

5.2021 : An interview on Boomer Gallery (London) Magazine : The new artist

6.2021 : A painting group exhibition at Silvermine Arts Center

                (New Canaan, USA)

                Theme: PAINT 2021

7.2021 : An interview on JET Magazine

5.2022 : A painting group exhibition at Venice Theme: NOT HERE / NOT NOW