Lam Yan Yan


Female, born in 1990

Currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

A painter and glassblower.​

Documenting the small intimate moments in life with the inner soul of colourist.

We are all lonely travellers .

In the journey of life, we all have our downs; we all get stuck. I am no exception. I have been through my youth with high hopes and get pushed around once I stepped into the real world. Like everybody else, I struggle to survive. I went from a passionate teenager; got lost and defeated, to learn not to give in. The best awaits us all.

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2013-2016:Founder of  Wallflowers Hong Kong

2014-2017:Exhibition in Shanghai, Singapore, Tai Wan

2017-Present:Art Assistant in films includes:  

1.Special Female Force 2                    

2.Golden Job                    


4.P storm                    

5.Nights Of A Shemale A Mad Man                       

6.Cold detective                    


8.Sudden Heartbreat

2-3.2021    :  Art director in  The Media Evangelism Limited’s film  

6.2020 :  A painting solo exhibition at K11

2.2021 :  A painting solo exhibition at PMQ central:

                 Theme:The world is beautiful, shall we....  

3.2021 : A painting group online exhibition at The holy art Gallery (London)

                Theme: Perona

5.2021 : An interview on Boomer Gallery (London) Magazine : The new artist

6.2021 : A painting group exhibition at Silvermine Arts Center

                (New Canaan, USA)

                Theme: PAINT 2021